Eurovision 2016 – Malta: ‘Walk on Water’ (Ira Losco)

Ira Losco returns to Eurovision this year with ‘Walk on Water’. A club classic with a hint of Gospel in the middle eight. It’s a song I like listening to, but not one I necessarily feel a part of. But it is well-produced and has its heart in the right place. It oozes professionalism, confidence and determination.

It also marks a real shift away from some of Malta’s recent unapologetically positive entries. Kurt Callaleja’s ‘This Is The Night‘ combined his infectiously warm smile and nifty footwork and went some way to restore some of Malta’s recently tarnished Eurovision reputation. Gianluca Bezzini had a similarly attractive smile as he sang about Jeremy from IT in ‘Tomorrow‘ (8th, 2013). Firelight’s ‘Coming Home‘ (23th, 2014) continued the run of polished productions. ‘

Before that, the only other Maltese songs of in my notebook were Ira’s ‘7th Wonder‘ (2nd, 2002), and Chiara’s ‘Angel‘ (2nd, 2007) which still makes me sob. Julie and Ludwig’s nauseating  ‘On Again and Off Again‘ (2004, 12th) remains a guilty pleasure. It combination of charming innocence, and the duo’s breathtaking lack of chemistry on stage make it fascinating. Ludwig’s well-meant but largely unsuccessful attempt at dancing and singing at the same time make it hugely entertaining. Poor love.

This year, ‘Walk on Water‘ gives Malta some much-needed musical edge to proceedings which, if they can get themselves a place in the Final, they’ll hope will make them look like contenders, even if they’re not.

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