Eurovision 2016 – Hungary: ‘Pioneer’ (Freddie)

Don’t be misled by the title of 2016’s song for Hungary, Freddie is not a pioneer. In fact, I reckon he’s someone waiting for a diagnosis of nodules on his vocal chords. If not, then he’s sure to have them by the end of the Eurovision.

It’s not a bad song. I can see how repeat listens will do this song some favours come the final week of Eurovision. Who knows, maybe it will climb quite high. But, really and truly, I worry about his voice. It’s on the brink. And someone is taking advantage of it at the moment, thinking it has a husky quality when actually he’s doing more damage to it.

Hungary’s most notable entry was 2009 featuring the adorably agile Zoli Ádok in ‘Dance with Me‘ (come on, who wouldn’t like him in a sailor suit?). Sadly, Zoli was more of a dancer than a singer and – given the ridiculous dance routine he was made to perform at the same time as singing – the end result looked awful and saw Hungary, deservedly, fail to qualify. Shame, because it remains a cracking song.

Hungary’s very nearly finest entry was (until 2014) the one that secured them the worst score. Compact Disco’s ‘Sound of Our Hearts‘ in 2012 was a fantastic radio number which translated reasonably OK to stage. It deserved far more than the paltry 24th it got. 2014’s ‘Running’ came good come the final: distinctive, dark and challenging, András Kállay-Saunders fast-tempo number about child abuse secured Hungary 5th place. Don’t expect this year’s song to climb those dizzying heights.

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