Eurovision 2016 – Georgia: ‘Midnight Gold’

It’s an interesting process blogging about each song on a fairly regular basis. Where other bloggers and fansites probably write-up all of their reviews all in one go and then phase the publication of each post, my preference is to publish as I write.

That accounts for why some posts go live with some glaring typos and helps explain why, as with Georgia, I face some song reviews with trepidation, as though its the homework I absolutely don’t want to do. Which is odd really, seeing as I, effectively, set the homework in the first place.

So what’s my problem with Georgia? There’s nothing especially notable to say about them. Or at least, nothing that immediately springs to mind. I have to go searching for their songs – I can’t remember any of them especially.

There’s plenty to say about the country’s relationship with Russia and how that has played out in the Contest (their 2009 entry ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In‘ caused some furrowed brows at EBU Towers in Geneva who asked the Georgian broadcaster to change the lyrics or find another song given the political overtones of the song), and their track record, when they have participated, isn’t that bad: nothing below 12 in the final tally and they’ve only failed to qualify only twice. Which is surprising really because the majority of Georgia’s entry have been dire.

Maybe my apathy is down to the music and the often ponderous and literal stage productions. Their 2007 debut tiresomely worthy ‘Visionary Dream‘ seemed like a shameless, albeit pale, imitation of elements from Bjork’s album ‘Debut’ and Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light‘ all rolled into one. And it looked terrible on stage.

Peace Will Come‘ in 2008 relied heavily on ridiculous choreography to mask what was, at best, a C-grade GCSE Music composition. I’m assuming that Georgia retained the services of their choreographer for the country’s 2010 entry: a stage production which looked incredibly over-engineered. I’ve never been a fan of slash metal anyway, and despite repeated viewings, I still cannot fathom out what the hell was going on in 2012 – by which I mean it was, lets not beat around the bush here, total shit.

Progressive as 2014 was – a sort of tribute to Brian Pern with a guest appearance from Stevie Nicks and, in one of the most literal of Eurovision stage interpretations, a drummer hanging from a massive parachute on stage. The song rightly failed to qualify.

Last year’s song ‘Warrior‘ was the first Georgian entry that had it all going on and landed well. And it looks like this year’s song for Georgia – ‘Midnight Gold’ (above) – builds on that. It’s grungy, Brit-Poppy (kind of – I’m sure I can hear some Blur in there somewhere) and packed full of integrity. It seems as though Georgia have found a band who like making music, like doing something distinctive and pull it off reasonably well. Quite how that translates into a stage act I’m not sure I really hope they don’t end up doing the song a disservice.

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