Eurovision 2016 – Estonia: ‘Play’

Estonia’s song may well be my favourite discovery of this year’s contest.

Jüri Pootsmann compliments his Ezra-influenced voice with an enviable sophisticated look.

Juri’s song ‘Play‘ follows a long line of equally polished numbers Estonia has submitted to the competition over the years. And it shares a similar quality to last year’s number Goodbye to Yesterday (7th, 2015). This year’s song is co-written by one of last year’s Estonian performers, Stig Rästa.

Melodically the song misses the mark in the first run of the chorus – its meandering quality repeatedly defies expectations and risks making the rest of the track seem like a tiresome exercise. But, something kicks in come the beginning of the second chorus: we’ve become a little more familiar with the upward musical inflections a lot of the song is based upon.

Juri has a classy presence that mirrors the musical arrangement he’s singing along too. He also looks fantastic in a beatifully tailored single-breasted suit.



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