Eurovision 2016 – Bulgaria: ‘If Love Was A Crime’ (Poli Genova)

Bulgaria’s singer this year has participated in the Eurovision once before. Poli Genova represented her country in 2011 with a mid-tempo rock-esque number. It was the first entry Bulgaria have submitted which didn’t stray close to the fringes of what I define as tolerable at Eurovision. Like five of the songs Bulgaria has entered for Eurovision since its debut in 2005, Poli’s song in 2011 failed to qualify.

Poli will sing the infinitely more superior ‘If Love Was A Crime‘ this year. Fans are talking this up; commentators are clapping their hands together enthusiastically during the chorus. Like Cyprus’ ‘Alter Ego’, Bulgaria’s 2016 entry sits comfortably outside the Eurovision bubble meaning that regardless of how it performs in the scoring, this number will transcend the sometime cruelty of juries and voting public.

Some speculate that Bulgaria doesn’t want to win the Eurovision proper. I suspect that doing well might be the goal. If it is, that might be what ends up happening. I hope so. Nice work, Bulgaria.

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