Eurovision 2016 – Croatia: Lighthouse (Nina Kraljić)

Croatia’s results at Eurovision haven’t been great. The country’s highest placing was back in 1999 when Doris Dragović’s Marija Magdalena managed fourth place. Since 2002 they’ve failed to get anything higher than eleventh place (but really Croatia, what do you expect if you send this, this or this?) and from 2010 until 2013 failed to get into the final.

After a two year hiatus, Croatia is back with Nina Kraljić singing ‘Lighthouse‘. As a studio production this sounds reasonably OK, although the chorus doesn’t especially deliver anything satisfying. There’s a strong rhythmic feel to the number when it finally gets underway which will mean it feels right in an arena. But, whilst its as good as their 2013 entry and better than most in recent history, this isn’t a breathtaking number.

If you’re looking for their pleasing of entries, look to the year Croatia first appeared in the running order. Put’s ‘Don’t Ever Cry‘ is still a tear-jerker. Even then, it only managed 15th place.



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