Eurovision 2016 – Bosnia & Herzegovina: Ljubav Je (Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala)

In 2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina secured their highest ever position in the results table at Eurovision: third place with the rather beautiful ballad ‘Lelja‘ (arguably better than Lordi’s win and third place’s Russia’s Dima Bilan that year). Since then, they’ve had a place in the final every year they participated. The rankings have, by and large, reflected the quality of the song.

Quite how the country finished 10th in 2008 with ‘Pokušaj‘, and whilst their 2011 song did claw its way to 6th place, it won’t have had anything to do with the meandering, directionless quality to the song or the worst piano keyboard miming in the Contest’s history.

This year’s entry ‘Ljubav Je’ makes the same mistake made by many countries in the recent past of combining too many musical styles (ie more than one) in the same song. Using rap to carry us through the middle eight towards the end of what is a fundamentally ponderous song doesn’t do what the songwriters hoped. That shouldn’t in itself preclude the song from the final. But wuite what happens after that, I’m not entirely sure.

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