Eurovision 2016 – Belgium: What’s The Pressure (Laura Tesoro)

Belgium have a track record (now) for contributing classy numbers to the Eurovision stage. If not classy, then definitely distinctive.

Classy numbers include Kate Ryan’s ‘Je t’Adore‘, Roberto Bellarosa’s ‘Love Kills‘ from 2013, and last year’s number from Loïc Nottet.

For distinctive, take a look at the a-cappella ‘With Love Baby‘ from 2011, Axel Hirsoux’s ponderous melodrama ‘Mother‘ from 2014, and the Mika tribute act from 2007, ‘Love Power‘. 2008’s ‘O Julissi‘ was a glorious folk-infused little number totally out of place on the Eurovision, but one which still makes my heart race (because I’m weird, I suspect). My only real quibble would be 2010’s contrived little number ‘Me and My Guitar‘ from Tom Dice – an opinion I suspect I’m alone holding given that the song secured a sixth place for Belgium that year.

Laura Tesoro’s ‘What’s The Pressure‘ song for 2016 is a perky upbeat dance number that will undoubtedly get your foot-tapping even if it does lack a memorable melody. The real test will be whether Laura can nail a live vocal whilst carrying out what a number that begs for an equally uplifting choreography. And it will need spectacular choreography too, because as good as the song sounds, something fairly static (as in this studio performance) will emphasise the lack of musical variety in the song.

The quality of Laura’s performance won’t impact on the final score. ‘What’s The Pressure’ is another good entry from Belgium building on their high-scoring entry last year featuring a breathtaking performance from singer Loïc Nottet. But unlike last year, I don’t think this is a winner. A place in the top five isn’t a foregone conclusion either.

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