Eurovision 2016 – Australia: ‘Sound of Silence’ (Dami Im)

Australia compete in the Eurovision for the second year running this year.

As unusual as their participation might still seem, there’s secret and the promise to it which shouldn’t be overlooked. Their inclusion in proceedings may seem unusual and incredible, but because of that you can be guaranteed they’ll make every effort to validate their involvement.

Australia has a tough act to follow. Last year, Guy Sebastian’s stunning 5th place performance of ‘Tonight Again‘ was a breath of fresh air.

Musically, Dami Im’s anthemic ‘Sound of Silence‘ (above) is a superior track in this year’s line-up, although the song lacks the distinctiveness Sebastian’s did last year – ‘Sound of Silence’ is reminiscent of post-Eurovision Celine.

Casting that minor quibble to one side, Australia’s 2016 song still manages to maintain an uplifting quality, similar to Sweden’s winning song in 2012, ‘Euphoria‘.

I’m expecting a superior stage presentation, one I’m assuming will coast into the Final. If I’m right, it will play well in an arena too. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Can it win? Yes. Should it win? Well, duh. Will it win? No-one wants to stick their neck out.

I’m prepared to say this: keep a close eye on it. They do have to participate in a semi-final this time around. But, I do think we’ll see them in the final on 14th May.

At the time of writing, Australia is consistently high-up in the betting. If it’s not first place in the end, then it will be a nail-biter of a finish.


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