Eurovision 2016 – Albania: ‘Fairytale’ (Eneda Tarifa)

Eneda Tarifa won Albania’s national final for Eurovision 2016 with the song Përrallë.

See the live version from last year, below.

Albania was the first country to choose its song for Eurovision 2016 in December last year.

You’ve got to admire their organisational skills. I’ve always had a soft spot for (and been slightly jealous of) people who get their shit together early. No last minute rush for the Albanians. No submitting the dissertation just before the deadline expires. Oh no.

Since December, Eneda’s ‘Përrallë‘ has been transformed into a ‘Fairytale‘. Eurovisionary has some background on how this revamped version came to life. The studio production sees a little bit of polish applied to a reasonably OK piece of furniture. That said, this number isn’t especially going to set the world alight.

Eneda will, presumably, be hoping for a better result than last year’s 17th placed song ‘I’m Alive’ which, although OK in the studio, ended up being a bit screechy when it was performed live. Still, at least they secured a place in the final with it (something they failed to achieve two consecutive years before).

Before that Albania has secured similar final ranking, wallowing disappointedly around 16 or 17th place. Not as bad as the UK, obviously.

Albania has participated in the Eurovision twelve times since their first appearance in 2004 and has Rona Nishliu and the operatic melodrama ‘Suus’ she belted out at Eurovision 2012 to thank for the country’s best performance in the voting table – 5th place. It was a notable performance too, in part for the rain-catcher Rona sported on stage for the performance, and for the considerable number of confused-looking canines who turned up at the arena in Azerbaijan having mistaken Rona’s piercing top notes for a dog whistle.

At the time of writing, betting sees Albania close to the bottom of the table and that’s reflected in a few of the fan polls too, suggesting early on that this song won’t make it to the final on 14 May. That’s a shame – I don’t think the song is that bad especially.

Albania will compete in the second semi-final on Thursday 12 May 2016.

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