First live stream from Wigmore Hall

A much-anticipated digital strategy has come good this evening: a special preview concert streamed live from Wigmore Hall.

The shots are sensitive, the balance isn’t over-produced and the lack of voice-over is glorious. Wigmore’s live stream is as exciting as the BBC’s pre-iPlayer Listen Again was when it first launched.


Thank you to whoever had the foresight to make this a priority. It’s not like Wigmore Hall is inaccessible to me on a daily basis, but knowing I could drop in online at (almost) any time makes me jump up and down with ridiculous excitement. At least, that’s what I thought whilst I was watching a string quartet on my mobile whilst I soaked in the bath …


At the end of the concert as the applause rang out and the end graphic flashed up on screen, one small twist revealed itself. The next live broadcast isn’t until 21 April. Which presumably means I’m going to have to go and attend a concert in person instead. And maybe that’s the point.

In case you’re wondering, that isn’t a complaint. There are any number of reasons why there wouldn’t be live streams of every concert. Performers may not agree to it without a bigger fee and the Wigmore may not want to give out their prize jewells without something being exchanged. Seems fair enough.

But, just for a moment, there was a delicious atmosphere in the air, as though we’d been given a glorious treat. I would willingly pay to get access to such content. More venues need to make the leap. The return may not be high, but the audience would undoubtedly appreciate it.

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