Katie Derham on Strictly: Wk 12

I wouldn’t describe this week’s Strictly as plain sailing for Team Derham. Far from it. Katie and Anton’s Charleston didn’t go down too well and their waltz didn’t elicit the unequivocal support I’d hoped for in the semi-final.

It was all looking just an incy-wincy bit tense ahead of the semi-final results show tonight. I had a fairly good idea it would be The Derham vs. The Rani; my life script prompted me to assume that it would be Katie who missed out.

The results show was – frankly – as tense a watch as waiting for BBC HR to get in contact with the result of my interview for the Radio 3 Interactive Editor job in 2011.* I made the assumption then that I wouldn’t get the job. Similarly, I made the assumption tonight that Katie wouldn’t get a place in the final. When she and Anita reprised their moves in the dance-off, my heart was pounding. I wanted to hope for the best, but my assumptions screamed far louder.

When it came to the final judgment, I was nibbling my nails. I find it incredible that an inconsequential light entertainment show could mean so much. It was a close call between the two, but I assumed it would be a straight run in favour of Anita. The final vote from Len was the decider. The Rani was out; The Derham, in.

Regardless of the result next week, my first time watching Strictly has been a hoot. It’s been fantastic to hear Radio 3 name-checked so many times (long, long overdue) and even better to have Katie as Team Radio 3’s Mascot. I’m so very pleased she’s got a place in the final.

Katie Derham. BBC Proms presenter. BBC Radio 3 presenter. Strictly finalist.

Boom, etc.

* I never got the job. The person who did told me so.



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