Katie Derham on Strictly: Wk 11

Katie’s secured her place in the Strictly semi-finals with a Cabaret inspired foxtrot. From what I could see, she looked like she was really enjoying herself too. Nice to see. The result pleased me no end. I told her so too.

There is only one other thing to say. I’ve read something really quite horrible online this week about Katie’s efforts. I’m not going to dignify it with a link or the click-throughs. Some of what I read came across as spiteful. It was also contrary to my experience and (albeit) limited knowledge. The lasting impression I had of The Derham when I met up with her a few weeks ago was that she was working hard and loving her time on the show.

To say I don’t understand why people derive such pleasure from being mean would be naive. Meanness is defensive act, usually masking an insecurity (unless of course you’re soulless, in which case you love being mean). No matter, however. That nasty stuff has an unexpected effect on me. I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with The Derham. I remain resolute. And I hope she does too.

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