Advice for a weekend in Bulgaria

My brief trip to Bulgaria to witness Eurovision’s sibling Junior Eurovision has been a rather pleasant one.

Don’t expect to flag down a taxi yourself (always rely on whatever establishment you find yourself in to do that for you – it’s safer that way). Don’t expect to spend any more than £1.50 on any taxi journey (yes, really). Be sure to drink either a Bulgarian Malbec or local Bulgarian beer. Sofia is the place to come if you’re on a budget. Just don’t hang around outside the hotel after 11pm on a Friday night. When I did, a fresh-faced young man came up to me and asked me in broken English, “Are you looking for something special?” I replied, “No, not particularly.”

The real treat about this trip hasn’t been the music especially – shock horror – but the chance to catch up with familiar faces. There’s also been a chance to write for someone else (something I’m getting both accustomed to and learning to like) and produce three minutes of audio. I’m not 100% sure whether it will go out (live radio does necessarily demand stuff is quite fluid), so I’ve included a ‘director’s cut’ below.

If you want to read my take on my experience at Junior Eurovision, head over to ESCInsight. It isn’t, as I worried it might be, all precocious brats and over-reaching parents. Instead, JESC has a rather delightful charm about it, something which the main Eurovision could do with having an injection of.



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