Me and The Derham in Elstree in the Strictly Come Dancing Press Room

Meeting Katie Derham

Right at the beginning of Strictly Come Dancing I knew I wanted to speak to BBC Proms and Radio 3 presenter Katie Derham about her experiences in the series.

My motives weren’t entirely altruistic. I know Katie is popular, is at ease in an interview and would be game for testing out some interview production techniques. Why make your first interview a trial?

But there was an additional reason for speaking to her. Katie is at the intersection of the two worlds I occupy and have been known to get passionate about: TV entertainment and classical music.

What follows is an interview filmed on Friday 13 November at Elstree Film and TV Studios. The shot of me is filmed on my iPhone; Katie’s shot is filmed on a Nikon DSLR. The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Our conversation is left unedited – the cutaways of me are only there to help give a visual reference to my interruptions. There’s a naturalism to the finished product I quite like, something I’d like to do more of with other interviewees.

Just as with the School Report interviews I shot for the BBC a month ago, I’m really struck by how important it is to make the interviewee feel as though they can trust you. Once rapport is established, the boundaries are set. And when they’re established, it’s relatively straightforward to know how and when to push them. Why wouldn’t an interviewee want to say what they want to say. And why wouldn’t an interviewer want to give that person the space to say it?

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