Katie Derham on Strictly: Week 6

No word of a lie, Team Radio 3’s Katie Derham had a tough week on Strictly this week. A pretty good pasodoble garnered The Derham another 21 points and a barrage of negativity which had been clenching my fists. Little wonder Katie had the frustrated look she did when the assessment was given. I’m all for tough feedback (and I usually regard Craig’s comments as an effective barometer), I’d just like them to go easy on Team Radio 3 valued ambassador.
Come the results show I feared two things: that Katie being saved would be announced near the end of proceedings, or worse, she’d be in the dance off. Neither happened. A relief. Although I was surprised at Jamelia and Kirsty’s having to dance to keep their place in the show. I really thought it was going to be Carol vs Jeremy. Jamelia clinched it which means we have the added bonus of seeing Tristan’s smile for at least another week. Yes, I’m that shallow.

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