Katie Derham on Strictly: Week 3

Wowsers. I was worried when I heard the judges feedback to The Derham following what I had thought was a reliably good performance. 

Craig, Darcey, Bruno and Len awarded our Katie a combined score of 20 points. Boo. That put her and Anton on the second half of the leader board. Ouch.

I wasn’t prepared for The Derham being in the dance off this week and worried about it a bit too on Sunday (yes, really). For me, it was way too early in the competition for ‘Team Radio 3’ to be knocked out. Surely Weather, Radio 2 and Mr O’Donnell before Katie?!

More than that, I’m not sure sure I’ve seen anyone look quite as worried Katie did as as she waited for the results. 
Little wonder she looked relieved when it was announced her and Anton would be returning for next week’s show. A little cheer went up in Lewisham as a result. 

Phew. Keep at it, Katie. Keep at it.

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