Ten Pieces 2 Premieres in London

New term. New start. Pristine, untouched exercise books and, if you’re really lucky, newly printed text books too. That was all thirty years ago for me. Now, today, another thing to add to the list of signs for autumn: a new selection of Ten Pieces, this time for secondary schoolers.

The premiere of the second instalment of BBC Learning’s hugely successful ongoing Ten Pieces project was projected onto a big screen in central London earlier this week. Four schools from across London were in attendance, so too some of the Ten Pieces ambassadors, all smiling excitedly about the prospect.

There was a different kind of hubbub to the one I experienced at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet a few months back. Back then, the wide-eyed excitement of the primary schooler’s audience had whipped up proceedings into quite a frenzy. At that Ten Pieces Takeover Day (just like many others I’ve attended across the country) there was a palpable feeling that we were sharing something incredibly special with an unsuspecting audience.

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