BBC unveils its plan for Eurovision 2016

Earlier today (Wednesday 30 September), the BBC unveiled its plan for finding the next song to represent the UK at Eurovision. Some are excited, others are taking the credit for the shift in strategy, others are predictably dubious. Everyone should have their moment in the sun.

You’d expect me to be ‘pro-BBC’. I am. I think exec producer Guy Freeman’s plans to open up the search demonstrate how he and his team recognise the considerable passion UK fans have for the contest and how they want the UK to reclaim some lost ground in the reputation stakes.

There are some who want there to be a ‘grand’ UK national final that echoes what some other countries across Europe mount. The thought of that is quite exciting, but it’s not been a certainty as far as I can see and I know nothing more than what’s in the press release I read this morning.

Yes, a national final might be nice so long as it looks good, doesn’t contain any dross and generally makes for good entertainment. Good TV isn’t as easy as I often assume it is. This stuff takes time and money. It might also take a hefty dose of goodwill too.

But, far more important than a televised final remains, as far as I can see, a good song and a good stage act – something which encourages the rest of Europe to vote for us. And whoever gets the gig deserves respect and support.

Please note, I work for the BBC. These are my views not theirs. This blog is independent of the BBC. This post reflects my interest in Eurovision. 

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