The Halle’s pay-as-much-as-you-like concert feat. a 360 degree view of Beethoven 5

The Hallé recorded part of their concert on Sunday 6 September at the Bridgewater Hall this week on a 360 degree camera. The results are interesting – controlling the camera using the arrows top left offers an interesting audience viewpoint on a well-known work. I particularly like the shot of the conductor combined with the ambient sound. (Bear in mind the video works best in Chrome.)

The concert – entitled ‘Priceless Classics‘ – included “ten short pieces from 300 years of music, each introduced on screen”. The concert was advertised as “pay what you like” with attendees encouraged to pay after the event via a Just Giving Page. As of 2.00pm on Thursday 10 September, the orchestra had raised £2,985.16 from 110 donations – an average of just over £27 per donation. The figure on Just Giving may not take into account additional donations received over the phone. If they do it again, I’d suggest they should change the storyboard for the promo video – the Priceless Classics promo was a little cheesy.

I am really interested in seeing how this approach works and hope the Halle sticks to its mettle and reveals the total donated. The possibility of transparency bodes well, given that the band retweeted this audience member’s footage captured from the auditorium. Most venues prohibit video during concerts, enabling their ushers to nip it in the bud the moment they see it. Good to see some of the rules relaxed a bit – just don’t do it near me during a performance of Brahms 1.

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