Wigmore Hall director’s battle cry for the song recital

It’s a little old now, but it’s worth flagging that Wigmore Hall Director John Gilhooly wrote in Classical Music Magazine in early August defending of the song recital, a key part of the London venue’s programming.

It is simply not good enough to accept that the song recital is an endangered species and wait for it to expire. Now is the time to take action, raise capital and invest in ambitious song capitals, to foster extraordinary new talent and connect people with the greatest song recitalists of our time. I believe what we are doing at Wigmore Hall will act as a catalyst for the revival of song elsewhere. 

We are not striving here to preserve a museum art form, rather we want to unlock one of the richest stories of human creativity, and share its contents with the largest possible audience.”

A bold statement of intent echoing the key messages Gilhooly spelt out during the Wigmore Hall 2015/16 season press launch earlier this year.

The season begins later this week with the start of the 18th Wigmore Hall/Kohn Foundation International Song Competition. The Wigmore’s 2 year long exploration of Schubert’s song starts on 22 September. Can’t wait.

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