New York Times: The importance of the BBC Proms ‘as austerity looms’

Nice to see the BBC Proms written about in the New York Times. A reminder of the classical music festival’s global reach. Always good when people outside the UK remind the rest of us what’s important. Timely.

The following section especially stands out:

“Despite these successful premieres, and another strong Proms season, some might see a lack of resolution for the BBC’s musical activities. The government’s consultation paper on the corporation barely mentions them. But that might be a promising omission. After all, the controller of Radio 3, Alan Davey, recently told The Guardian that he is under “no pressure to get rid of one” of his orchestras.

The consultation paper also suggests that the Proms is as vital and unifying a national event as a royal wedding, reserved for the national broadcaster. It also acknowledges that “in-depth classical music and arts programming” would “either not be provided or underprovided by the wider market.

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