Andris Nelsons extends contract with the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Nice work Boston Symphony Orchestra. I’ve not been to Boston, ever. Nor Tanglewood. But maybe now I know you’ve secured the marvellous Andris Nelsons until your 2021/22 season then I might line up a visit.

The Boston Globe‘s piece this morning outlines the impact Nelson’s extended contract will probably have.

[It] replaces the initial five-year contract with an eight-year agreement. It calls for Nelsons to conduct a minimum of 12 subscription weeks per season and two weekends at Tanglewood. It also extends plans for regular touring, and should at least hypothetically make possible the completion of the full cycle of the Shostakovich symphonies with Deutsche Grammophon, a goal that both the recording company and Nelsons had articulated before the project began.


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