Verbier 2015: Edgar Moreau

Cellist Edgar Morreau is the same age as the Verbier Festival. To watch someone half my age stride onto stage and captivate a 350 strong audience with his poise, agility and innate maturity made his mid-morning recital in Verbier something to behold.

His was a punishing programme demanding great stamina: Brahms’ Cello Sonato No.1; Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro; Poulenc’s Cello Sonata; and Chopin’s Introduction and Polonaise Brillante in D major.

The audience with him on the journey, from the brooding opening theme in the first movement of the Brahms, right through to the showstopping spectacle of Chopin’s Polonaise.

The Cavatine during the Poulenc was an exquisite escape from the intensity of the opening movement with some blissful ensemble work between cellist and pianist (Julien Quentin). Glissandi in the music caused some mirth amongst members of the audience (for all the right reasons). The second movement was particularly enchanting.

Enthusiastic whoops followed the conclusion of Edgar Morreau’s Verbier recital today. It’s rather nice to be in amongst the unbridled enthusiasm of European audiences. Morreau’s ovation and slow-hand-clapping was very well-deserved.

Watch Edgar Moreau’s recital via Medici.TV




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