Some thoughts on @FutureLearn’s #FLFiction15

Future Learn – an online self-learning endeavour powered by the Open University – offers a free two-month long course dedicated to writing fiction. I completed it at the weekend. Here are some thoughts about it.

I adored this course. It was totally absorbing and surprisingly addictive too. There was a real sense of community amongst others who had signed up to the course which in turn created a really supportive creative environment. 

By completing a 1000 word short story at the end of the final week, I concluded the course feeling like I’d really achieved. I’m feeling confident too about writing fiction – one of my goals for the course when I signed up. 

The course has helped me feel freer than I did a couple of months ago. It’s reminded me of something I derive real value from, something might present more creative opportunities in the future. I’ve been reacquainted with the joys of self-learning and been reminded of the pleasure I derive from writing. I’ve already started on a couple of other short story ideas and am starting to investigate other creative writing learning opportunities.

Future Learn’s Start Writing Fiction course is highly recommended. 

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