BBC Ten Pieces at the Backstage Centre, Purfleet

I attended one of the BBC Ten Pieces concerts given by the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet earlier this afternoon. It was an experience I wasn’t entirely prepared for, which this Facebook post explains in a little more detail.

I’m at a BBC Ten Pieces concert in Thurrock hosted in a big Opera House studio with a view of the Dartford bridge. Four or five or so schools are in attendance: watching the BBC Symphony Orchestra play ten pieces (or rather nine plus a participation number).

Either I’m tired and emotional or there’s something inherently wonderful about this project. Or, maybe, both help explain why I’m moved by this.

When I hear and see kids getting excited about the pieces the BBC Symphony Orchestra are playing, I can feel myself getting incredibly emotional. It’s a highly charged atmosphere: hundreds of kids looking on the stage in wonder, some telling the person sat next to them to be quiet, others looking at a big screen at the films and animations created by other children in response to the music.

It brings a tear to the eye, because it’s in these moments I see something tangible: a potent illustration of how to inspire, educate and entertain, and an unequivocal demonstration of value for money.

It’s a relief to experience as much as it is invigorating to be a part of.

This stuff I’m immensely proud of. This is the stuff that really matters.

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