Ta very much

I’ve had a terrific time working on Radio 2 Eurovision these past seven days, capturing some of the sights of Vienna and the Song Contest participants, in addition to getting a chance to see what TV, radio and news teams do on the Eurovision.

Sure, our result wasn’t great. There could have been a lot of long faces. Instead, what I saw was professionalism, pragmatism and a sense of pride. I observed lots of people working really hard over the past week. I really admire that. They’re people who deserve warm heartfelt applause.

I’m using this post to extend some personal thanks as well to Fiona, Malcolm, Paddy, Ben, Manish, Chris, Alex L, Bianca, Alex G and Brett. All of you have made me feel part of a very special group, despite me being rather odd in the mornings and not offering to buy any of you any drinks. I had a fantastic time working on something which remains an important part of my year. You were a part of that. Thanks.

No it’s back to the ‘day job’. If you started reading this wondering why you’d been told to, I hope you understand why now. If you’ve reading is and wondering how it explains why I didn’t accept you’re meeting invite, then you really should have checked if I was available first rather than telling me when I’d be attending.

And of course, to answer the inevitable questions: yes, I liked the UK’s song; yes, I knew Sweden would win – he looked good in his leather trousers; and, I (still) go weak at the knees whenever I hear the song from Cyprus.


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