Eurovision 2015: Semi Final Two – Jury Final Reviews

I attended the ‘Jury Final’ for semi-final two (one of the dress rehearsals assigned for each Eurovision) last night. It was an opportunity to see what the international juries saw and voted on ahead of tonight’s second semi-final on TV.

It was also an opportunity to see how the songs I reviewed on Sunday fared now they were on stage. Some did, others didn’t.

There are no spoilers in this post, just some personal views after watching the show on the screens in the arena.

Lithuania Sharp. Upbeat. Country. Colourful. Fun. Cracking. I’m sold.

Ireland Lovely song. Dull presentation. Artist hamstrung.

San Marino Not great singing. Uninspiring.

Montenegro Very good on screen. I’m sold. Big cheer.

Malta Very good presentation – she’s just on her own with pyros and a laser display board. Belter. Massive cheer. Keep an eye on it.

Norway Still ponderous, but it looks good on stage. They can definitely sing. Simple presentation. Warm colours. Big cheer.

Portugal Competent. Not especially amazing.

Czech Republic Good stuff. Solid. I’m sold.

Israel Love it. Party number. Biggest cheer.

Latvia A worthy spectacle.

Azerbaijan Very good performance of what is a dull song. It’s all a bit pantomime on stage.

Iceland Shoddy.

Sweden Brilliant.

Switzerland Very good – their best for a long time – but dull after Sweden.

Cyprus Gorgeous. My favourite.

Slovenia Why is she wearing headphones on stage?

Poland Heartfelt. Poignant. Strong. Don’t know how I feel about this.

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