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Some more TV and radio from the past few days I’ve particularly enjoyed.

Generation War Five German friends go their separate ways as the Second World War gets underway. A brilliantly made three-part TV series telling the story of the war from the perspective of the Eastern Front. Harrowing. Required watching. A reminder of the kind of horrors human beings are capable of inflicting on one other. The third episode is particularly difficult to watch. The song My Tiny Heart sung by the ambitious Greta has a chilling simplicity to it. The series was a BBC acquisition and aired on BBC Two in May 2014.

The Walking Dead More harrowing TV: series 5 episode 14 of The Walking Dead. Two characters stuck in a revolving door jammed by zombies. The most graphic episode I’ve seen in a long time. Still loving this series.

Artsnight with Armando Iannucci Episode three of the new Newsnight-produced arts series features classical music. The genre has a fine advocate in Iannucci who deploys wit and passion with great effect. Interesting half hour which avoided trotting out the usual ill-informed statements.

Mendelssohn Octet / Wigmore Hall I adore the Octet and as a result fear new recordings and live performances of it in case they miss the mark. No worries with this performance given at Wigmore Hall a week ago. Brimming with vitality. Available for another 25 days.

The Good Wife Legal and political drama set in Chicago starring Julianna Margulies. There are five series to gorge on (the sixth is on CBS at the moment). Endless Emmys awarded for the drama which first aired in 2009.

Back In Time For Dinner Something for the food nostalgic in me. In each episode, the Robshaw family experiences the years from a decade by buying, preparing and eating the food typically eaten by families of the time. Oh, and they get to dress up like people from that year too. And they get to spend a little time with Giles Coren and food historian Polly Russell. Really enjoy this series, especially the episode referencing Vesta convenience foods – many reasonably happy memories of caravan holidays made slightly more exotic with the addition of Vesta.

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