#Classical365: 32 – Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier (I) Prelude and Fugue in D Major

I wasn’t working until late afternoon/early evening, but it felt like I was working all day. Couldn’t relax knowing that I had to be at Broadcasting House for the Audio Drama Awards in the evening. Ironed my shirt, watched some TV and had a hot bath to try and sort out my back. Restless all day.

When I left the house, I wasn’t especially excited about the prospect of tweeting before and during the awards ceremony. Felt incredibly flat when the four of us on the team sat down to talk tactics at 5. Had I asked too many people to help? Would we get anything decent? Had I overestimated everyone’s confidence levels? But, as the guests started to arrive at 5.30, energy levels went up. Guests we thought we’d struggle to identify, name, photograph and tweet about, quickly became challenges for all of us on the team.

Every so often other colleagues who had identified celebrities at the check-in desk sought us on the team out and pointed to who we might be interested in. People started making not-very-subtle glances in the appropriate direction. The colour of people’s ties, hair and dresses suddenly took on the utmost significance. In the space of half an hour we tweeted nearly ten times with a different guest pictured in each. More than I’d anticipated. More pleasing was that without any planning or prior agreement, a natural team emerged powered by an energy that seemed to come from nowhere.

I love it when the team pulls together unexpectedly and the thing you had in mind when you asked different people to work on something suddenly becomes the reality you’d dreamt of. It is an incredibly uplifting experience. It feels like a real achievement. Something to be proud of, even if close analysis undermines the sense of ownership that the pride implies. It wasn’t my achievement: it was everyone’s. Being able to stand back and derive joy from a shared achievement is incredibly important to me.

A good night then to listen to Bach’s Prelude and Fugue No.5 in D Major. Bright, solid and celebratory. At no point so far this year has a piece of music summed up my mood. This is both heels firmly on the ground stuff. A strong jaw line, a wide grin and a spring in your step. This mood can’t continue indefinitely – nothing ever does. So, why not celebrate it by immersing yourself in it when you can.

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