Neil Brand’s Sound of Song (BBC Four)

I blogged about the press launch for the BBC’s Year of Song and Dance on the About the BBC Blog last week. I really enjoy attending the occasional press launch. If staged well, they’re usually things which give an irresistible taster of things scheduled for later in the year. In the case of Song and Dance it was the opening broadcast which caught my eye: Neil Brand’s Sound of Song.

Brand is knowledgeable, self-effacing and oozes style. His programmes provide the blueprint for any fledgling TV producer feeling the pressure as he crafts the ‘menu’ at the top of each episode. Just enough tantalising titbits are offered at the beginning of each episode of this three-part series. At no point did I as a viewer feel patronised, nor felt like I was being taught something I already knew. More than anything else, Brand’s series has introduced me to a wider variety of musical styles than I ever thought I’d be interested in, solely because he’s revealed some of the mechanics in production.

That’s quite an achievement. Something us viewers could, if we didn’t take time out to reflect on what we’ve seen, take for granted. Kudos to commissioning editor, Jan Younghusband. Now then, Mr Brand. What’s next?

Neil Brand’s Sound of Song is available on BBC iPlayer for around about a month, but at the time of writing the first episode has 17 days left on the clock. Get watching it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Well said – I thought the series was really well done, and I look forward to any more that Mr. Brand is involved in.

    Really good, informative & entertaining Television.

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