#Classical365: 29 – Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier (I) – Prelude & Fugue No.4 in C sharp minor

Again, no time. Another busy day. Very productive. Left central London in a good mood. Win.

The fourth prelude and fugue has an entirely different mood compared to the others I’ve listened to. There’s a restlessness which I think must been rooted in the key, something I didn’t hear in the C minor prelude and fugue. It felt out of character in comparison with the others. Unsettling. At the end of it I had this feeling that a question was lingering unanswered. Quite eery that.

Gould sounding more prominently than in other preludes and fugues. Felt like I had a music teacher sad next to me encouraging by humming along while I battled at the keyboard.

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