What, Simon Rattle at the LSO? Really??

Actually, no. Well, not yet and maybe not ever.

Just a spot of future-gazing on the Independent website courtesy from Jessica Duchen today, which in turn reminding us of a story in the Times from September 2013. Her timing is makes goosebumps emerge on my arms despite the fact I’m wearing two t-shirts and my favourite, thickest fleecy top thing.

The possibility of Rattle conducting the LSO is a tremendous thought, something which gets me really charged up. I’ve only ever seen him conduct his present band – the Berlin Philharmonic – once, and that was at the Proms. I’d considered the idea of getting a ticket to his forthcoming Southbank gigs but I missed that boat long ago. Shame.

There’s a sense that if he did get the LSO job (or he agreed to taking on the role, however you want to look at it), then he’d be ‘coming home’. Concert-goers in the UK might get a bigger slice of the cake. And by doing so, we’d get more opportunities that aren’t immediately sold out to experience one of our greatest musical exports on home turf. What would Rattle achieve musically with the LSO? What changes might we hear as a result of him being on the podium? Might he able to get a new set of publicity pictures?

Simon darling, could you just say yes … now?

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