Move over Adonis

It’s reassuring to read Daren Pritchard, a London-based performance artist, articulate the same gripes I’ve had about the use of ‘perfect’ male bodies in a preponderance of print publications.

Daren Pritchard comments on GBBO 2014 baker Iain Watters’s appearance in Gay Times ‘Naked issue’:

“For Gay Times to feature Iain Watters, it’s refreshing to see a man with a real, ‘average’ body and not a worked-up fantasy, an ‘ideal’. 31 year old Iain admits that he wouldn’t describe himself as body-confident, but he doesn’t take stripping off too seriously and was persuaded by the charity cause. We need more men to step forward into Iain’s or Olly Murs’ shoes and confidently offer something real.”

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