Grosvenor plays Granados’s The Maiden and the Nightingale’

Benjamin Grosvenor features in this short video performance of The Maiden and the Nightingale one of Enrique Granados’s piano pieces Goyescas for Sinfini Music. Grosvenor is an amazing talent, one who I’m still amazed to discover is as young as he is. When I think back to what I was (or rather wasn’t) doing at 22, I look on Grosvenor and wish I could have my time again. I’ve always been a big fan of his playing. His trademark for me has always been the fluidity in his playing, clearly demonstrated in this video.

The video is beautifully and simply shot too – a testament to Stuart Armitt and producer Mauro de Silva. Really impressed with how the photography not only showcases Grosvenor’s playing, but is sensitive to the music the video introduces.

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