29 December 2014

Alcohol in Southwold seems stronger than in the rest of the country. I’ve had two pints of Adnams’ ‘Dry Hopped Lager’ in the space of an hour and a half. The prospect of walking for a mere 5 minutes back to our cottage makes me a little uneasy. Will Simon hear me slurring my words when I get back?

I’ve not been drinking alone. Met up with someone I know from Suffolk Youth Orchestra, who provided with me with a different take on hitherto rose-tinted view I’ve painted of my formative musical experiences. The anecdotes made me feel rather sad. Need to reflect on it a bit more to make sense of it all.

There had been a gin and tonic during the late lunch Simon and I had consumed at The Swan after our walk to nearby Walberswick. The drink had struck us as strong. “It’s Adnams,” said Simon when I winced after my first gulp. Until then, I’d no idea the Southwold brewery made anything else but ale. How things have changed in twenty years.

Took advantage of the free wifi in The Swan (Adnams establishments in Southwold are the only places with a usable connection to the internet). Checked emailed. Didn’t get too stressed. Replied to one message. Didn’t feel guilty about it. Either I was pissed, or I’ve finally found a way of managing work whilst I’m holiday. My brief interaction did prompt me to wonder whether there will ever be a time when I can effortlessly switch off from work when I’m on leave. The fact I care about work is a reflection of me being conscientious. Disingenuous types would regard it as being controlling. Either way, the only way I could completely switch off would be if I didn’t care about my work. And for the foreseeable future, I really don’t want that to happen. To discover I didn’t care about what I did for a living would be heartbreaking.

Walked off the gorgeous chicken Caesar salad with smoked bacon (and cheese platter) with a walk to Southwold pier.

Turkey curry tonight. Red pepper tomorrow night. Then it’s Dave and Miya staying with their brown Labrador Cookie. Can’t wait.

I love it here. It is the perfect retreat.

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