22 December 2014

Saw Paddington today in Greenwich. Utterly adorable film, featuring a bear I wished was mine, this in no small part down to Ben Whishaw’s irresistibly sweet, gentle voice. I’d teared up within 5 minutes of the film starting. After that, I laughed at every joke.

There had been 5 minutes when I was looking at some emails which had unexpectedly arrived on my phone when my eyes weren’t on the screen. Some mild tension experienced, but more than anything else I was rather pleased I’d managed to keep work at a distance and let myself fall back into holiday mood relatively straightforwardly.

Tried to post [REDACTED]’s Christmas present, but discovered I’d missed the last posting date by two days. Fool. Will put it in the post tomorrow. She’ll have to get it a few days late with profuse apologies sello-taped all over the jiffy bag. Trapsed up the road to the postbox in my jim-jams (and the slippers I’d bought for Simon I’d discovered were my size, not his, but hung on to them because I quite liked them) all confident in my aloneness, but felt incredibly self-conscious on the way back to the front door followed by a woman on the street. Should probably not do that again. It’s just a bit weird going out on the street in your nightwear.

Good chats with the family today including one which inadvertently saw me recalling many happy memories of the first time Simon introduced me to his parents and siblings. Got to the end of what felt like a ridiculously long and detailed anecdote (it was actually probably quite short) and finished with the classic line, “I didn’t expect to say any of that to you.” The number of times I’ve heard that and said that in my coaching training this year! Made me reflect that in that moment I had felt both calm, reassured and listened to. When I recognise moments like that I’m struck by how much I value them and how much I want other people I know to experience it themselves. Whatever I can do, etc …

The feeling I’ve got today is probably the one I’d really like to experience more times throughout the year. There’s a sense of completeness tonight, as though I’ve got all the things sorted I need to get done and that if anything comes my way to challenge me I’ll have the reserves to deal with it without pissing myself or anyone else off. For those in need of things spelt out, that would be me describing a sense of contentedness. Must work on that in the new year.

Have been keeping an eye on the weather for Southwold next week. Really looking forward to our week away. Really hoping we’ll be able to extricate ourselves from everything and go for blustery walks on the seafront and pier. Will it be cold? According to BBC Weather it will be colder than it was today in Catford and judging by the wind speeds, it’s going to be at least 10 miles and hour faster than it is tonight (and out of my office window at home I can see that the shadows of the phone lines are moving faster than they would do normally). Southwold should therefore be chilly and bracing. I’m still hoping for biting and gale-like if at all possible.

Moved the table back into the kitchen. Everything in the lounge (and the kitchen) does now make sense. Order is restored. Thank God.

Blog draft I’m writing for work is coming together. Feels like I’m writing a short story or a script for a radio package. And I absolutely must finish that short story tomorrow.



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