21 December 2014

First family gathering over. People have left. Dishwasher near end of cycle. I’ve completed two sinks worth of glassware and plates. Nice work.

The lasagne went down very well – Kerridge’s demands pay dividends in the end product. My Salmon Parcels did the trick (again). Utterly gorgeous. They never disappoint. Mary Berry’s Chocolate Mousse Cake also went down a storm, but it needs a splash of cream to help things along.

Suspect my OCD tendencies were out of control when laying the table. Wasn’t terribly keen about the look of it. Simon wanted us to use the ‘linen effect’ tablecloth. Seeing as he insisted, I felt the need to use the iron to remove the creases. Even then, it didn’t quite hit the spot. Not entirely convinced that the garden chairs really do work. I know everyone overlooks them, but until people park their behinds on them, the whole effect always makes me die a little inside.

That said, I like the idea of the table in the lounge (its normally in the kitchen). Keeps the smells out in the kitchen away from the eating area, making the prospect of consuming the meal a little more pleasurable for those of us who’ve spent most of the time in the kitchen.

Putting the table in the lounge today was a trial run for Christmas Day when we’ll be accommodating one guest. So, no need to move one of the armchairs out into the garden like we did today. Tonight, we’ve kept the table in the lounge ahead of Thursday (it was a little tricky moving stuff from the kitchen to the lounge – why repeat the process? – we are meant to be on holiday) but seeing it in the corner tonight, I’m reminded how dining tables in lounges can often look like a dead space in a room. I may need to see to that tomorrow morning. It’s bugging me just thinking about it now, upstairs.

Lovely to see the family. Always is. Was surprised at the extent at which I relaxed when the numbers reduced and relative quiet descended over the house. I don’t not like socialising. But, my God, I adore the quiet.

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