20 December 2014

Lie in. Final list to get through before we coast into the holidays proper. Baking. Cooking.

Helped Simon by prepping everything for the mighty lasagne we are offering the family tomorrow. We’re using Tom Kerridge’s recipe with roasted tomatoes, roasted minced beef and a surprising amount of sugar.

I loved getting the ingredients in the bowls – “I’ll be Johnny to your Fanny!” – and carefully lining them up for a photograph. The constituent parts look hopeful. There’s anticipation in the prospect of cooking and constructing. When I have the time, the prepping is as pleasurable as the eating. Give yourself the time to prep and cook and the entire process is even more enjoyable. Work on the lasagne started at midday. It was complete by 5. Hardcore.

And, rather disappointingly, some forgotten presents were lurking in a bag in the bedroom. Had to purchase a couple of other things to ‘finish’ those presents off. Thought I might be able to get what I needed at a shop in Blackheath. Rang them. “Do you have any [REDACTED]?” I asked. “No,” he replied, “we only make them ourselves, we don’t sell the card or the glue.” Struck me he was missing a trick. Grumpy too. Ended up going to John Lewis to get what I needed. Collecting it from Waitrose on Monday.

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