So that’s what all the fuss is about

A video has been doing the rounds of the opening of the semi-staged performance of Sweeney Todd featuring Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson. If you’ve not seen it – and even if you’re someone who expects Sondheim to be more ‘hummable’ – its definitely worth a look.

Terfel and Thompson are coming to ENO next year for a short run of the show at the London Coliseum. I’d previously decided on giving their stint a wide-ish berth when I discovered how high the ticket prices were. Sure there were some cheaper tickets at £10 and £25, but they were in the upper circle. Decent views saw tickets priced at £67 and up. I’m happy to fork-out for a fully-staged performance, but not semi-staged. I want more for my money. This view isn’t reflected in actual sales. Near capacity audiences now, even in those £155 seats.

The Lincoln Centre video hints at what all the fuss is about. It’s a playful unexpected opening for sure, but sure it will struggle to come anywhere near close as Chichester’s stunning production of Sweeney Todd with Michael Ball and Immelda Staunton.

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