Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra marks 125 years with new iPad app

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra unveiled a spangly new toy this evening to mark the band’s 125th birthday: a new iPad app.

RCO Editions unearths RCO performances and packages them up alongside video features, analysis and historical context and serves in an absorbing interface, stylishly designed and straightforward to use. Just from a design perspective alone, one thing is clear: this is for the discerning listener growing tired of the increasing amount of pap pedalled in the name of increasing audience reach.

Amid a slew of similar propositions available at the moment, this one stands out for a few reasons. The range of associated content available in each quarterly download doesn’t look dumbed down (there are some nice historical contextualisations in the supporting copy).

RCO Editions Screenshot
A screenshot from the second RCO Edition dedicated to Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration.

The app gives access to a whole host of additional streamed content (essentially a carefully curated library of RCO performances).

And perhaps most importantly for me, it provides me with a seemingly direct connection with a respected brand (RCO) in a similar way the Berlin Phil’s Digital Concert Hall does, by cutting out the middle man (radio, TV and print tie-ins).

It’s most impressive feat is second-screen support (listen / watch on your TV while you consume the supporting material on your iPad.

The first quarterly edition about ‘Mozart On The Road‘ is free. Each edition after that is about 4 Euros. Bargain.

Download RCO Editions from iTunes. Find out more about subscription options on the RCO website. 



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