Min-Jin Kym ‘delighted’ £1.2m violin stolen from Euston recovered

“Please tell me I’m going to wake up from this dream and discover it was just a nightmare,” said violinist Min-Jin Kym to the police officer when she reported her Stradivarius missing. Two years later, the violinist has been reunited with her instrument. She now says she’s “on cloud nine somewhere”.

To those who aren’t musicians – or those who don’t rely on a piece of kit to do their work – the idea of an emotional connection between the fingers may seem a little odd. But the joy Kym still shows in 24 London News’ interview is a common one and infectious too.

I know from bitter experience. Back in my student days I ended up leaving my Buffet Crampon clarinets on the shelf of the London to Lancaster InterCity on a return trip to University. I realised I’d left them behind when the train pulled out of the station and reported it immediately. And although I only had to wait 24 hours for them to return (the station staff called the driver who in turn charged the guard to search for the clarinet case), that sense of loss was for a while unbearable.

Mind you, I knew how little my clarinets were worth at the time. I also didn’t suffer the false hope Kym did when in March of this year it was discovered what she thought was the recovered violin was in fact a fake. Little wonder she’s elated now.

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