Week 1 at the Gym

Thank God. The completion of my first week at the gym (well, ten days). Five more weeks to go (I think) until my first milestone.

That milestone is my birthday, the end of the summer (the end of the Proms) and what I understand should be significant enough time to see a drop in weight and a generally fitter me.

That’s the goal, you see. That damn BMI calculator says I’m overweight: I’m 6ft and 193lbs. And inspired by the great Heather Taylorwhose recently embarked on a similar self-propelled programme and pal Ashley who only today posted his colossal 6kg weight loss in 12 months, I quietly stepped into the local gym today for a brisk walk on the running machine, a session that brings my total gym visits in the past ten days to a very respectable 7.


Don’t be fooled. Walking on a steep incline at 7 kph really does burn the calories. It also raises the heart rate, pumps the endorphins round the body and makes you look like a total tool (see below). Just so we’re clear, that’s not muscle you can see. That’s fat.


The gym experience has been good. I’ve kick started the process by leaving the pokey work gym and signing up to the shiny new Glass Mill Fusion affair in home borough Lewisham. It’s clean and functional no-frills no fuss low to mid-range pricing structure means that all shapes and sizes use the facilities. A modest selection of free weights means testerone fuelled gym bores give this place a wide berth. It’s made the place feel reasonably relaxed, (as far as a gym can be relaxed) and goals feel achievable.

After 7 days cardio, i can run for the bus in intense heat without feeling like a twat afterwards.

This modest achievement has been combined with another basic goal: cut down the calorie intake to around 1750 a day, exercise regularly. This has turn prompted me to look for ways of cutting the calories which has inevitably and thankfully seen me cut back on the alcohol intake. The Drinkaware alcohol diary too has been invaluable. Now like some annoying soon to be ex-drinker I find myself looking forward to avoiding a drink.

And it’s been surprisingly easy too. Nothing like vanity and middle age to motivate a change in lifestyle.



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