Heads Up: RNCM at the British Museum

What is it?

A ‘sonic journey’ performed by Royal Northern College of Music musos at the British Museum in Central London.

When is it?

Friday 5 July, 6-9pm

How much it?

Nowt. It’s free.


RNCM are marking the end of their 40th anniversary celebrations with a special tie-in with the British Museum.

True, everyone’s doing those gallery/museum ‘collaborations’ at the moment, only this one has the opportunity of seeing famous performers/arts administrators long before they become famous/highly paid/long in the tooth/bitterly disappointed. A must-see. No messin’.

No but really, why?

– It’s a Friday night.

– It’s free.

– You’ll get to see some museum stuff.

– It’s a Friday night amuse-bouche before a weekend of middle-class revelry.





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