Reviewing Eurovision 2013 Final

What follows are some notes hastily scribbled down during the live broadcast, updated in almost real time. A sort-of live blog, but not really.


Fantastic opening with a typically Benny/Bjorn Chess-like anthem to get things going.
The event feels revitalised. Polished production.
“All the Dancing Queens in the audience.”
Nice to see presenter Petra Mede reminding us why the programme was set up.
Presentation seems a whole lot calmer than it did during the semi-finals.
UK commentary acknowledges UK jury members – especially Tony Hatch.


– France. Liking it. Especially liking the tassels. She can certainly deliver the number.
– Lithuania. UK commentary making fun of Lithuanian song. Rightly so. It remains dull.
– Moldova. Boring with a stupid gimick.

“If two girls kissing offends you, then you need to grow up.”

– Finland. The first good song of the night. Good melody. Memorable. Perky. Good stage act.
– Spain. Great legs, terrible yellow outfit. Desperately boring song. This will sink.
– Belgium. Second decent song of the night. Love it. I may have a soft spot for him.
– Estonia. Loving this still. A proper Eurovision song.
– Belarus. This is SO ten years ago.
– Malta. This man is made for TV. Still love the song. I don’t think its a winner.
– Russia. Not bad. Surprising improvement on stage in comparison to the preview video.
– Germany. Poor intonation. Low-budget prime-time entertainment show outfit. Tiresome.
– Armenia. Toilet break.

Lynda Woodruff. Queen of Europe.

“I have a special message for you. You just haven’t met the right girl yet.”

 – Netherlands. Love it. Gorgeous. Good performance too.
– Romania. Jesus, this is awful.
– United Kingdom. She’s done reasonably OK despite some intonation trouble. Not great.
– Sweden. Dull
– Hungary. Love that this is so simply staged. Doesn’t pander to any gimmicks.
– Denmark. A hugely efficient song. Chorus lifts the crowd quickly. I don’t sense a runaway winner.
– Iceland. Toilet break.
– Azerbaijan. If it wasn’t for that man in the box, this would be quite dull to watch.

– Greece. I still like it.
– Ukraine. An OK sound but actually, after three or four listens, this is quite boring.
– Italy. Oh lord. This is quite a dull ballad. But he is wearing a nice suit.
– Norway. Good performance. Not a bad song. Top Ten. Getting tired now.
– Georgia. A good song, well performed in a perfect place in the running order. A winner.
– Ireland. Yawn.

In contention to win: Finland, (Belgium), Denmark, (Netherlands), Georgia
Top Ten: Finland, Belgium, Estonia, (Malta), Russia, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Norway.
10-20: Belarus, Germany,  Armenia, Romania, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Malta
In contention to come last: Spain, (Germany), (Romania), (UK)

Actual Winner: Denmark
Runner Up: Azerbaijan

UK placed 19th, Ireland last place.



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