Reviewing Eurovision 2013 Semi-Final Two

What follows are some notes hastily scribbled down during the live broadcast, updated in almost real time. A sort-of live blog, but not really.

Inventive and entertaining opening sequence – this is about demonstrating good TV.
Scott darling, ssssh.

Latvia. Intonation trouble in what sounds likes a primary school song.
San Marino. More intonation trouble. Two modulations too many.
FYR Macedonia. I’m sure it makes sense to someone.
Azerbaijan. He might be pretty, but he too has intonation trouble.
– Finland. Cute, catchy. A bit of fun. Nice.

Ana’s interview from Andreas from Lithuania. Uncomfortable viewing.

Malta. Gorgeous.
Bulgaria. Fuck me, this is annoying.
Iceland. Annoying hair. Worthy but dull.
Greece. A distinctive ska-sound not over-comedic. One I’d like to see qualify.

I’m certain that Mills and Ana are playing it straight this evening. Good.

– Israel. Beautiful melody very well performed.
– Armenia. OK. But not remarkable.
Hungary. Distinctive. Off the beaten track. Good stuff.
– Norway. I’m not a big fan of it, but it’s a qualifier.

Lys Assia. Eurovision royalty. Nice.

Albania. No.
Georgia. A bit dull but a qualifier. A crowd pleaser.
Switzerland. GCSE song writing.
Romania. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

Voting sequence insert from the BBC – pretty good. Nice to see something approaching an appreciation of what’s involved in songwriting.

Panel with Dr Eurovision and SBS lady pretty good too: relaxed; good humoured.

“When in doubt, go to Norway.”

Predicted qualifiers: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Norway, Georgia, Romania

Actual qualifiers: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Georgia, Iceland, Hungary,Norway, Romania, Armenia, Greece



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