‘So You Want To Play The Piano?’ – Melanie Spanswick’s Book Launch at Steinway Hall

So, you want to play the piano? First task: choose your piano.

A lovely early evening spent at the Steinway shop meeting not only Melanie Spanswick – author of So You Want To Play The Piano? – but a whole host of other music-loving types who when asked the question ‘How do you know Melanie?’ mostly replied, ‘via Twitter’. Take it from me, Melanie Spanswick, (pianist, blogger and author) has social media nailed.

The evening invitation included the opportunity to try out the many grand pianos in the next door Steinway Hall, a prospect which filled me with fear and dread when I arrived. One glass of wine later however, and I felt a little more daring.

I just wished I’d been encouraged as a kid to play the piano from memory. Not having the music in front of me mean I spent most of my time just playing scales up and down a £121K keyboard, badly. Still, maybe it’s time to give the piano at home a tune.


So You Want To Play The Piano? is available via Amazon

Melanie Spanswick writes about the piano and music education on her blog.

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