Getting the clarinets out

Buffet Crampon E13 – B Flat and A. Twenty years old. A little worse for wear.

With a friend’s wedding fast approaching in which I’ve been asked to play, it’s time to retrieve my clarinets from under the spare bed and see what state they’re in.

I thought I’d find them in a far worse a state than I did. The keys felt rough under the fingers but they still seemed to operate satisfactorily. Considering too they haven’t been played for nearly eight years, the quality of the sound was pretty good too. Mind you, I was only playing arpeggios.

I’ve sent off a selection of pictures to Howarths Woodwind in Baker Street and if the ball-park cost isn’t prohibitive and there’s enough time before next weekend, I may well get them done.

In the meantime, just a handful of scales has reminded me of how much I’ve missed playing and establishes a new goal: time to pick up and play a bit more seriously now, I think.

UPDATE (24 March 2013): My email to Howarth’s didn’t get as swift a response as I hoped it might. I was probably a little impatient. So, the following Sunday morning, I retrieved a tin of Brasso from the cupboard and set to work on some of the most affected keys. A bit of a rub with a duster, and they came up a treat.



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