Film: Les Miserables (2012)

A few weeks after general release, I get to see Les Miserables at Greenwich Picturehouse.

A tremendous production – arguably the best musical theatre transfer there’s been (Phantom was dire). The consensus amongst our party was that the band seemed quiet, possibly a little too distant in the mix. That said, Hugh Jackman’s performance undoubtedly stole the show, with Mamma Mia lead Amanda Seyfried deservedly taking the virtual applause (unlike some other screenings, the Greenwich crowd didn’t applaud this evening). Russell Crowe collects the award for sounding like a foghorn throughout.

One thought to “Film: Les Miserables (2012)”

  1. Definitely right about the orchestra, too low in the mix. But I think Anne Hathaway stole the show, commendably miserable. She gets my Oscar vote.

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