Changes to how this blog is laid out

Dull as this post will surely turn out to be, I’m keen to point out one or two minor changes I’ve made today. I’m rather hoping the changes and this post combined will ensure regular readers won’t end up staring at the screen and screaming ‘what the hell have you done now?’.

The changes include:

1. Posts separated into three subject areas: arts & culture (basically, classical music), Eurovision (no need to explain what category relates to) and journal (personal commentary).

2. Each section should serve up a dedicated right hand navigation currently comprising a selection of recent posts.

3. There’s a dedicated Eurovision RSS feed for those who still love RSS (I do, by the way). More feeds to follow.

4. There are dedicated header images for arts and culture, Eurovision and journal. The image for the homepage will get updated to something a little more intuitive in the next few days.

5. Finally, there’s a dedicated URL for all things Eurovision. It’s

Here ends this dull announcement.

Fluff and respect, etc.

Me. X



One thought to “Changes to how this blog is laid out”

  1. Hey Jon, I’m quite pleased to see you’ve simplified the site. I always found navigating about a little confusing.

    Fluff back. x.

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